About Us

Proffer Brainchild specializes in teaching and consulting for organizations that are committed to developing their people and processes into competitive advantages. Whether your goal is improving quality, lowering operational cost by eliminating non-value added processes, reducing the risk of costly mistakes or improving patient / customer satisfaction, we can help. All of our consultants possess graduate degrees and decades of experience across multiple industries. Our services are based upon the latest academic research integrated with years of hands-on practical experience under a wide variety of real-world conditions.

Our courses use the latest classroom technology including audience response devices from Turning Technologies. We are also strong advocates of "learning by doing" and can incorporate hands-on improvement and innovation projects into our custom tailored training solutions.

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Our Vision

Proffer Brainchild's goal is to change the way our clients think about learning and consulting. We will do so by treating our clients as partners, understanding their specific goals, and creating customized learning experiences to help them achieve those goals.

Mission Statment

Proffer Brainchild provides training, mentoring and consulting services to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.