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Proffer Brainchild Course Technologies

Turning Technologies Audience Response System

Proffer Brainchild Course Technologies

All Proffer Brainchild workshop participants take advantage of Turning Technologies ResponseCard "clickers" throughout all training workshops. Comparable in size to a credit card, these compact devices allow participants to interact within workshop discussions in anonymous fashion.

The award winning ResponseCard clickers are valuable learning tools that elevate the learning process through increased awareness and audience participation.


Adobe Connect® Online Web Conferencing

Proffer Brainchild Course Technologies

Proffer Brainchild online training courses utilize Adobe Connect®web conferencing software that enables participants to receive audio, video, desktop sharing and live chat. This industry leading multimedia software program can be accessed by anyone with an internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Proffer Brainchild's online meeting room provides a welcoming environment that enables attendees to take part in user-friendly, interactive online activities.