Marc Malone



Marc Malone is an advisor for the Technology, Leadership & Innovation Department at Purdue University. Marc joined Purdue after working in student affairs in higher education for over twenty years.


He has a background in the training and development of professionals with strong experience promoting and creating team cohesiveness, possessing an interactive style that facilitates learning and motivated productivity, being analytical and successful with performance improvement of people, processes and systems. He possesses an ability to present complex topics, create achievable tasks to accomplish long term business/organization objectives and goals, and work comfortably with senior leadership and staff.

He has a proven track record of working with department heads and team leaders on methods for improving efficiency, effectively serving multiple constituents (including removing barriers), communicating effectively, engaging in problem-solving, and providing essential tools for success

Marc received his Bachelor's degree from Morehouse College and went on to complete his Master's at Purdue University-Calumet.