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Referral Program FAQ

1. What is the Proffer Brainchild referral program?

There are several easy ways to refer friends. On the referral program invitation page, you can email your contacts. Either input your friends’ email addresses manually, or you can also share your referral URL directly. Your URL link is unique to your account membership.

It looks something like this:

You can paste that URL anywhere – in a personal email message, through your website or blog, or IM (instant messaging) app, etc. You can also share your URL on Facebook, Twitter or other social media – visit the referral program invitation page for more information on how to get started.

Note: Your friends must use your unique URL when they register in order for you to get credit. It's the only way we can track your referrals and give you the credit you've earned! Referral credits are only available to Individual / Entrepreneur or College Student user accounts. Business / Organization account users are not eligible.

2. How do I know how many friends have registered for training, and how much credit I’ve earned?

Sign into your Proffer Brainchild account and click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the page. There you’ll find a section called “My Referral Credits” – click on “details”. You can see your total referral credits available as well as how many email invitations you’ve sent, who has signed up, and which invites referral credits are still pending and which are ineligible (see below for more information on referral status designations).

3. How many referral credits can I earn?

There is no limit to the amount you can earn.

4. On "My Referral Credits" page I see different status designations listed as Pending and Available. What do these terms mean?

Pending: Your friend used your referral link to register for training, but did not complete the training yet. Credits from this referral will become available once he/she completes training.

Available: Your friend completed the training, credits from this referral are available for use towards your future training.

5. My friend received their $10 credit — where’s mine?

Referral earnings are credited in the referrer’s account once the registered training event has been completed. In order for you to receive your credits, your friends must register with your unique URL link and complete the training event.

6. If my friend registers for training with a different email address other than the one I used for the referral, will I still get credit?

Yes. As long as your friend clicks on your unique referral link when registering for training. If they already have a Proffer Brainchild account then they can simply sign in and register for training. If they don't already have an account, they can create one with any valid email address - but your friends must use your URL link when registering for training in order for you to receive referral credits.

7. What happens if my friends register for training and the event is cancelled/rescheduled?

If your friends register for training and the event is cancelled or rescheduled then your friends will be refunded payment and you will NOT receive referral credits. You and your friends must register again for the updated training event and you once again will be eligible for referral credits.

8. Will my referral credits ever expire?

Proffer Brainchild referral credits expire after 1 year, or 365 days.

Read complete terms and conditions of this referral program.