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Business Training Courses

"Learning by doing" is a key to developing new skills and producing a rapid Return on Investment.

Proffer Brainchild training courses and workshops seamlessly blend best practices from multiple industries, years of real-world consulting experience, the latest academic research, and meaningful hands-on activities to create an engaging learning experience and rapid results.

All of our standard course offerings can be tailored to meet your specific learning objectives and timing requirements.

Proffer Brainchild offers both online and onsite training courses.

The online versions of our training courses are priced per person and are designed for individuals who want to enhance their skills for personal development and/or career advancement.

Contact us for scheduling online classes.

The onsite versions of our courses are priced per day and are designed for companies who want to develop their people and processes into competitive advantages. The onsite training courses normally integrate company specific project work into the learning experience ("Learning by Doing") to reinforce the concepts being taught and to provide immediate return on investment for the training dollars spent.