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Finance, Banking & Investment Training Course

Finance, Banking & Investment Training

This 1-day workshop is taught by Indiana State Senator Greg Walker. Senator Walker is a member of the Indiana Senate Finance Committee and a former state auditor with years of private sector finance experience in the oil and gas distribution industry.

While some people believe "finance" only applies to other people in their company, a basic understanding of financial concepts is important for all professionals.

This course is designed for international students to explain Western views of financial principles that may differ from other areas of the world.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • Concepts of Money - tradition and changing attitudes
  • Investment objectives - public and private comparisons
  • Overview of heritage investment types and new concepts
  • Global investment strategy - diversification - geopolitical risk - currency risk
  • Western concepts of ownership v. interest bearing instruments - usury - legal definitions
  • U.S. Monetary policy and agenda
  • Comprehension of Federal Reserve banking (U.S.)
  • Conflicts between investment goals and political policies
  • Entrepreneurial investment - venture capital markets
  • Social investing - Philanthropy - Philosophical goals over profit? - Structural barriers