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Project Management Training Course

Project Management Training

Whether your job involves patients, procurement, accounting, safety, employee development, IT or engineering, you are probably involved in managing projects to one degree or another.

This workshop is designed to equip project leaders with the essential tools they need to successfully manage projects regardless of their business function or position in the company or on the organization chart.

This hand's-on workshop covers the professional tools and strategies needed to define and document project requirements, gain buy-in from project stakeholders, delegate tasks, create milestones, monitor progress and close projects on time and within budget.

Upon completion of this workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Describe and incorporate a project charter to clearly define a project.
  • Develop a stakeholder analysis, project roles and responsibilities and a communication plan to increase support of / buy-in for a project.
  • Devise a Work Breakdown Structure to divide a large project into more manageable pieces and determine project life cycles.
  • Create a project plan to establish milestones for project monitoring project progress.
  • Identify and avoid common project management problems.

The facilitator for this workshop will be Dr. Jon Padfield - President of Proffer Brainchild Inc., a training and consulting company focused on quality and process improvements. Dr. Padfield has taught quality and productivity classes in 8 countries across 4 continents. Dr Padfield has also taught and consulted in a wide variety of industries including automotive, medical devices, healthcare, security products, aviation and defense.